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Advice and support

Many people think caring for someone else is perfectly normal. But informal care can be tough too. It is important that you take good care of yourself when caring for a loved one. Only then can you keep going. Part of looking after yourself involves talking to others about how you feel: at work, with friends, or with care providers. By sharing your worries, you can come up with solutions together or make changes to how you currently manage your informal care.

Are you unable to talk to your family or friends about how you feel? Or do you not want to talk to the same people all the time? Perhaps you would like to meet other carers as they might understand you better? On this page, you will find a number of organisations that can put you in touch with those in a similar situation or professionals.

There are meeting places in every district of The Hague where you can drop by. You can meet other carers and take part in activities. You are always welcome to share your story here. And you can ask for advice and support. Find more information at the Haags Ontmoeten website.

Carers who look after a next of kin with mental health problems or an addiction can contact Kompassie. Kompassie offers support in the form of a sympathetic ear or through information and advice. This is provided by a coach with previous experience of caring for someone with mental health problems. Kompassie support is free of charge and there are no waiting lists. It doesn’t matter if your next of kin is under the treatment of the GGZ or not. Visit the Kompassie website.

Who takes care of the people who care? Mantelkring does! Relaxation and having fun are central, but we also provide the opportunity to share practical and emotional experiences. You can participate in weekly walks accompanied by a coach. Besides that, there are fun, interesting and relaxing activities on offer, such as monthly themed events, Creative Salons and Sunday outings. Are you unable or unwilling to participate but could do with a sympathetic ear? Then our Attention Centre will be happy to contact you regularly. Participation in Mantelkring is free of charge. Would you like more information? Call 088 – 7878 988 or fill in this form.

Are you a carer for someone with a rare illness, disability or condition? And are you struggling to find fellow carers in the same situation in The Hague? Through the patient association of the person you care for, you can get in touch with carers in other parts of the Netherlands. Find national patient organisations on the Dutch care map.
Find patient associations on The Hague’s Support Map.
A mantelzorgmakelaar knows exactly how to get the right help and will arrange it for you. They know the laws and information about reimbursements. They also offer practical assistance, for example, with filling in forms or doing your care administration. This helps reduce your worries and your workload. This leaves you with more time for your loved one, your job or yourself.

A mantelzorgmakelaar can be reimbursed. Via a supplementary health insurance policy, for instance. If you are a carer and you have a job, you can ask your employer to pay for the care agent. Many employers agree to this. And if you meet a number of conditions, the city council can also pay the costs. Find a mantelzorgmakelaar in your area.

The national organisation Mantelzorg NL is the expert on informal care in the Netherlands.

You can share your story with the employees of the Mantelzorg helpline, many of whom are or have been carers themselves. You can also contact them with questions about the care you provide. The Mantelzorglijn is available on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 on 030 – 760 060 55. You can also submit your question via WhatsApp. Find more information about the Mantelzorglijn.

There is a Servicepunt XL in every district of The Hague. Here you can ask questions about informal care and local support. This can range from questions about reimbursements to WMO applications, your own health as a carer or support at home. They also employ senior care consultants who offer advice on caring for an older adult. Find a Servicepunt XL in your area.