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Help with everyday life

Keeping up with household chores requires a lot of work. If you are a carer, you may have to do someone else’s chores too. Or you may have to do it all by yourself if you are looking after someone who lives with you. Either way, it’s tough. Does your next of kin need help with shopping, cooking or cleaning? There are many companies that can offer a helping hand.


Home delivery
Many supermarkets provide a home delivery service. You can enquire at your local supermarket or check online. You order your shopping via the website. You can also order for someone else. That person then pays when the items are delivered. At most supermarkets, your order has to meet a minimum amount. Only orders above that amount will be delivered. Some supermarkets do deliver smaller orders. But that usually comes with a delivery charge.


You can also order your shopping online and collect it yourself or have someone else pick it up for you. You then collect your items from a service desk inside the shop or from a pick-up point. This is much easier than finding everything yourself in the shop. You can select what you need on your iPad or phone from the comfort of home. All items are collected for you and put into crates. You do have to pay a few extra euros for this option.

Shopping service

With a shopping service, you request items from the supermarket or other shops. The shopping is then delivered to your home. Some shopping services work with regular shops. For example, a baker, a greengrocer and a butcher. Other shopping services will deliver from the shop of your choice. Some companies offer help with shopping: somebody goes to the shop with you and assists. Your loved one then receives help and benefits from social contact. There are various shopping services available, such as those from volunteer organisations, senior care organisations, home care or commercial shopping services. You can find more information about shopping services via The Hague’s Support Map.
Is your loved one unable to cook for themselves? You can have a meal delivered to their home. Or you can also arrange for them to eat elsewhere.


Some residents of The Hague have signed up with Thuisgekookt. They cook a meal at home that you can order as a neighbour. Your neighbour will make the food for you and bring it to your house. On the Thuisgekookt website, you can see if there is anyone making meals in your neighbourhood. You can place your order online too. More information can be found at the Thuisgekookt website .

Wijkrestaurants (Community restaurants)

There are many places in The Hague where you can get a cheap or free meal. You can eat there together with other people from the neighbourhood. These places are known as community restaurants. They are often located in a church or community centre. It is nice to help out with cooking too and then eat together with the others. This happens in various places. Are you looking for a cheap restaurant where your partner, parent, child or friend can eat every day? Then a restaurant in a residential care centre might be something for you. People with a Ooievaarspas who receive AOW often get a discount. You can find more information about community restaurants on The Hague’s Support Map.

Meals at home

Would the person you care for prefer to eat at home? Then fresh or freshly-frozen meals delivered daily may be a solution. There are companies that prepare traditional Dutch food. But international dishes can be ordered too. Does the person you care for follow a special diet? No salt, for instance? Or do they not eat meat? They can take that into account. You can also have halal meals delivered. Find more information about meals at home via The Hague’s Support Map.
For help with administration, you can find organisations on the Support Map that offer free assistance with filling out forms, sorting mail and personal administration. Find more information about administrative support via the Support Map.

Do you need help with odd jobs at home or in the garden? Post a request on the website of Burenhulp Den Haag.

Are you (temporarily) unable to walk the dog? Find a dog walking service via The Hague’s Support Map. Or post a request on the website of Burenhulp Den Haag. Maybe a neighbour can help you out.

Would you like to apply for domestic help to clean your loved one’s house? You can do this at the WMO service point at The Hague city council. Requests can be made through the council’s website by telephone (070 – 353 75 00) or by visiting a district office. The council will consider your application and decide whether you qualify for domestic help.