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Reimbursements for informal carers through supplementary insurance
Health insurance companies often offer a special reimbursement to help carers through a supplementary insurance policy. You can then make use of an informal care agent, for example, or alternative care via Stichting Handen-In-Huis. Contact your health insurance company for the possibilities. You can find more information at the Zorgwijzer website.

Affordable health insurance for residents of The Hague

For people in The Hague with a low income, the city council has come up with an affordable health insurance agreement. This is The Hague health insurance. It offers comprehensive insurance with VGZ. More information can be found at The Hague city council website. With this policy, you can also have supplementary insurance for the use of an informal care agent for up to 500 euros and for 20 days of alternative care. Visit the VGZ website for multiple support options for carers.

Free liability insurance for carers
Do you care for a loved one for at least 8 hours a week? Then you are automatically insured with De Haagse Polis (The Hague Policy). This is a free insurance policy from The Hague city council, made for and by carers and volunteers. De Haagse Polis consists of an accident and personal property insurance. Claims can be reported by emailing You will then receive a claim form, which you can fill in and return. De Haagse Polis can be contacted by telephone on 070 – 353 51 75. Find more information about De Haagse Polis.

Informal care travel and cancellation insurance
Imagine: you have finally arranged everything for your holiday, and then you hear at the last minute that your next of kin has lost their temporary place in the care institute. Or that the care support service cannot take over the care. The informal care travel and cancellation insurance allows you to cancel your holiday free of charge in such cases. Read more about travel and cancellation insurance at the MantelzorgNL website..


Reimbursement for alternative care

The health insurer can reimburse costs for alternative care. or example, if you are ill and cannot provide care. Or if you are absent, during holidays, for instance. Reimbursement for alternative care is not included in basic insurance, but is covered by some supplementary insurance policies. You can check in your policy whether you are covered. If not, check whether the person you care for is insured for this instead.