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Outsourcing care

Perhaps the care that your loved one needs is becoming too much for you to handle? Or is the work too hard? In that case, you can find out if help can be arranged from the city council, home care or another organisation.

If, in addition to your own care, you need more help and support to look after your loved one, you can contact the city council. You and your loved one can submit a WMO application for help with household chores, home modifications, a taxi and personal guidance. You can make an appointment via The Hague city council website or you can call: 070-353 75 00. You can also visit a district office to make an appointment. The council will assess your application for assistance. Next, a home meeting will take place: someone from the council will drop by to talk to your loved one. It is important that you, as a carer, are present at this meeting. They will find out what your loved one can manage on their own with the help of you as carer, family and friends, and what the council needs to organise.

Is extra help needed to care for your loved one? For example, with showering, washing, dressing and undressing, doing their hair or making food? A home care organisation can offer help. The costs they incur for nursing and personal care fall under the Health Insurance Act and are covered by your loved one’s health insurance. So always contact the health insurance of your husband, wife, child, mother or neighbour to find out the options. Perhaps you can apply for home care. Find a home care organisation in your neighbourhood via the Support Map.

Do you need a good night’s sleep, alternative transport or time for yourself? Or would you like to go on a relaxing holiday with the person you are caring for? Whether you care for an adult or a child. You don’t have to do it alone! Alternative or respite care can help you. Find more information about accommodation options via the Support Map. Find out more about reimbursement for alternative care via MantelzorgNL.

You can arrange a care subscription for your loved one with a care organisation in your neighbourhood. The biggest advantage of a care subscription is that the person you care for is assured of support and care without having to wait. This can be used, for example, when you are on holiday or when your next of kin returns home from the hospital and needs immediate support. Find the care subscription options via the Support Map.

Haags Ontmoeten are meeting places in the neighbourhood for older adults living at home and their carers. We offer older adults the opportunity to meet other people and take part in activities. This relieves the carer, safely in the knowledge that their loved one is enjoying a pleasant day out. No referral is needed to visit a Haags Ontmoeten location. View the Haags Ontmoeten programme here.