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Sharing care duties

The person you care for probably has a group of people around them who want to help out every now and then. Perhaps the neighbour can cook once a week or run an errand? Or a cousin happens to be handy with administration, or a sister (in law) can drop by every week for a cup of coffee? Caring together makes the work easier. It is useful to have a good overview of who can do what. You can create such an overview through one of the apps below. This lets everyone see when who does what and you, as the carer, can keep an overall view. That gives peace of mind.

Useful apps
With an app (program) on your mobile phone or tablet, everyone who helps with caring can keep up to date. You know exactly what your tasks are and what other people are doing. An important part of this type of app is the agenda. It contains the appointments you make with each other. For example: On Monday, Harry does the shopping, cooks and stays for dinner. On Tuesday, the home care worker comes to do the housework and Marjan does the laundry on Wednesday. You can also plan visits to the doctor or an outing together. In most apps, you can even share photos and stories with each other. This makes everyone feel involved and informed. And if you need help as a carer, you can ask your question in the app.
There are many different apps available. Some are better than others. We recommend the following free apps:

Share the care, arrange it together with the handy app for carers in The Hague. People who combine work or study and informal care have a lot on their mind. With Hello 24/7 you can easily organize care together. The Municipality of The Hague will help you with that. Go to and download the app.
Fello is a safe app that you can use on your iPhone or Android mobile. It was created by the DELA cooperative. The app has a good agenda that you can share with each other. The agenda provides an overview of who does what and when. You can also see which tasks still need to be done and you can sign up for a task. You can chat with each other about test results, for example. When you add an appointment to the agenda or send a message, everyone receives an alert. Read more about Fello.

The Inlife app from Alzheimer Nederland allows you to arrange care for someone with dementia together with family, friends and acquaintances. The app has various functions, such as a timeline, agenda and a diary, and you can send messages. You can also ask others for help. You can invite people to participate in the app. And you can specify who among the participants can see which information. The app also includes ‘The compass’ with information about dementia and about caring for others. Read more about Inlife.
This app lets you make appointments using an agenda too. And you can make a list of tasks and mark them off when they are done. In Nettie -just like in WhatsApp- you create a group with a subject and you invite other people. You create a sentence in the agenda and click on the buttons I will arrange, someone else to arrange or no-one has to arrange, used when something only needs discussing, for example. Read more about Nettie.